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Renowned Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Paul Cirangle to perform Live Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on Web

Seeking to educate the public about obesity and what happens in the operating room during weight loss surgery, Dr. Paul T. Cirangle aims to educate prospective patients and healthcare professionals by giving an inside view into the gastric sleeve.

Weight loss surgery has been a hot topic in the news lately, especially with ABC’s 20/20 and HBO chronicling the skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes. According to Dr. Cirangle, "LapSF patients have an impressive cure rate for diabetes following the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. More than 92% percent of my patients are cured of diabetes and the excess weight loss results- more than 83%-are much higher than the national average. Since more than two thirds of Americans are suffering from obesity, learning more about weight loss surgery will either benefit the average person or a loved one."

"By showing people exactly what a vertical sleeve gastrectomy consists of, my hope is to educate people, as well as answer questions that patients would not normally have the oppurtunity to ask. People are always amazed when they see how the stomach is removed through the tiny incision." Dr. Cirangle planned the broadcast to coincide with the annual Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) meeting to allow the attendees to view and interact throughout the weight loss surgery.

The laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy consists of mainly three points: isolating the stomach, creating a template for the new gastric pouch, and cutting and removing 90% of it. This is all done laparoscopically and involves five small incisions. Although in theory the gastric sleeve seems like a simple surgery, the surgeon’s experience and skill are key to a safe and successful operation. Dr. Cirangle has the largest case series of vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedures in the world and according to his statistics on Obesity Help, his complication rate is extremely low-less than 0.08%.

Although watching a live surgery-complete with seeing 90% of the human stomach removed-is amazing, the real story takes place after the surgery. Patients are desperate to improve their quality of life after living with diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, back pain, and acid reflux. The vertical sleeve gastrectomy provides a new lease on life. Most patients lose ½-1 pound per day following surgery, discontinue their diabetes medications immediately and are able to sleep at night without the aid of a CPAP machine. "Most patients tell me that their biggest regret about weight loss surgery is waiting so long to have it," says Dr. Cirangle. "One of my favorite patient letters is from a young lady in her 20’s. She was missing out on a wonderful time in her life because she was so debilitated from her obesity. She underwent a VG and subsequently lost over 100 pounds in under a year. Her letter read ‘The only regret I have had is not having the procedure sooner. I couldn't have possibly imagined the wonderful life that was waiting for me under all of that body.’ The amazing part of the weight loss surgery process isn’t what I do in the operating room, it’s seeing patients get their lives back."