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San Jose Weight-Loss Surgery

Residents of San Jose make their weight-loss surgery choice with Laparoscopic Associates' bariatric surgeons

San Jose's most selective weight-loss surgery patients have turned to the San Francisco-based weight-loss surgery center for the nation's best bariatric surgery.

Laparoscopic Associates is a San Francisco group of experienced surgeons specializing in minimally invasive weight-loss surgery. Laparoscopic Associates is known for exceptional care and expertise in the field of bariatric surgery. Every surgeon is committed to providing the nation's best weight-loss treatment to fit your needs. Its no wonder that residents of San Jose depend on our seasoned experts to get the best in quality treatment.

Contact an Laparoscopic Associates specialist via email, or toll free at 866-957-3627. Appointments available in San Jose.

San Jose's Solution for Specialized Treatment for Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight-loss surgery is an important decision. Laparoscopic Associates will commit the time necessary to educate you about weight loss surgery and help you decide which procedure is best for you.

Know Your Bariatric Surgery Options

Weight-loss surgery is a life changing decision. Here in San Francisco you have the nation's most experienced bariatric surgeons to help you. Laparoscopic Associates specializes in the following weight-loss surgeries:

Laparoscopic Associates: Not Just LapBand®!

The close proximity of San Francisco to San Jose has made Laparoscopic Associates the choice of local residents for their weight-loss surgery needs. There is no need to travel far to have the nation's best surgeons working for you. From the first conversation, you will know why residents of San Jose have chosen Laparoscopic Associates as their bariatric surgery providers. Why travel anywhere else when you have the best so close?

Laparoscopic Associates uses only minimally invasive techniques to conduct successful weight-loss surgery procedures. In many cases, you can be in the office and back home the same day. San Jose is the center of technological advancement. Shouldn't your surgery be the same?

Contact us via email or phone or register for an appointment.

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meet the doctors
meet the doctors