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What is Band over Bypass?

LapSF offers the Band over Bypass (Lap-Band or Realize Band around a gastric bypass pouch) option to those who have experienced weight gain after gastric bypass surgery, or never achieved their goal weight. This revisional gastric banding surgery is an excellent option than the more complicated gastric bypass revision procedures. This minimally invasive surgery is performed laparoscopically with minimal patient downtime.

Why choose the Band over Bypass?
  • Less clinical risk - no stapling or intestinal manipulation
  • Considerably less pain and faster recovery in comparison to other revision procedures
  • Controlled, customized weight loss

How does it work?

Performed laparoscopically, the Band over Bypass involves placing an adjustable gastric band (either LapBand or Realize Band) over the gastric pouch created after gastric bypass surgery. The band is made of silicone and may be adjusted by a port that is hidden under the skin. After gastric banding surgery, the band can be adjusted for your individual weight loss needs. Since the Band over Bypass is a restrictive procedure and only restricts food volume, it does not add any potentially dangerous malabsorptive concerns that are common with the more complex gastric bypass revision procedures. This results in delayed stomach emptying, earlier satiety, and more weight loss.

LapSF's thoughts on placing an adjustable gastric band after gastric bypass

Due to the percentage of patients who either regain their weight, or never quite achieved the desired goal, we offer second-chance solutions. LapSF and Dr. Paul Cirangle, who pioneered the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), regularly performs revision surgery and is proficient in managing bypass surgery complications and issues. Traditional revisional surgery is risky, has a higher rate of bariatric surgery complications, has longer anesthesia time, and usually involves a longer recovery period. Because of Dr. Cirangle's extensive revisional experience, we are able to offer this option to our patients.

After the Procedure

The Band over Bypass is an outpatient procedure, requiring no hospital stay. Unlike the more complicated gastric bypass revision surgeries, most patients may return to work and their usual activities within several days. You will be given special dietary instructions to follow, and will progress from a liquid diet to eating regular food. Regular follow up appointments with your surgeon for band adjustments and weight loss progression are keys to a successful outcome.

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