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Adjustable Gastric Banding to Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (Band to Sleeve) conversion:

Unhappy after gastric banding surgery? Inadequate weight loss? Tired of painful eating, vomiting or food getting stuck?

Let LAPSF provide you with a second chance!

Why convert from a Lap-Band to a Sleeve?
  • Excellent results - >80% excess weight loss
  • Stomach reduction produces superior satiety than gastric banding surgery
  • Elimination of hunger hormone Ghrelin
  • Band to sleeve done laparoscopically in ONE step in virtually all patients
  • Quick recovery - overnight hospital stay and back to work in 1 week
  • No intestinal bypass or malabsorption, therefore little chance of vitamin or nutritional deficiency

The increasing need for Band to Sleeve

As the popularity of gastric banding surgery has increased in the US, so have problems and complications associated with the Band. Adjustable gastric band slips, erosions a nd most commonly inadequate weight loss or weight regain, have become an increasing problem. Some studies looking at results in Lap-Band patients 10 years post-op report up to a 25% removal rate, 10% re-operation rate and 40% failure rate (inadequate weight loss).

LapSF's philosophy on converting a Band to Sleeve

LapSF and Dr. Paul Cirangle, who pioneered the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), or gastric sleeve, frequently performs adjustable gastric band (AGB) to gastric sleeve conversions. Since all patients are unique, LapSF customizes a team approached Band to Sleeve post-operative plan.

Dr. Cirangle's findings

Patients complaining of "troubled eating" (pain with swallowing, regurgitation, heartburn or reflux) was extremely high (>60%), even in individuals who were successful in losing weight with the band.

What can I expect after the conversion to the Vertical Sleeve?

We have been revising the adjustable gastric band to the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy since 2005. The results have been excellent-comparable to patients who started with a gastric sleeve.


Due to their expertise and experience, the Doctors at LapSF have been rated the #1 Surgical Weight Loss Program in the State of California and amongst the top 10% in the country by HealthGrades since 2009.

LapSF's reputation and expertise is so outstanding that our patients travel across the country and internationally. If you don't live in the San Francisco area, don't worry - LapSF is comfortable treating patients from all locations and making their arrangements.

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