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Frequently Asked Questions for Self Pay and Insurance Patients Travelling from Out of the Area

Do you accept out-of-town patients?

Absolutely! A large part of LapSF's practice-especially the self pay patients- lives out of the area, but travel to the Bay Area for the excellent care that is not available otherwise.

My doctor thinks I should have surgery locally, but I don't feel comfortable. What do I do?

Although weight loss surgery is minimally invasive, it takes a village to produce the high success rates and low complication rates that are unique to LapSF. It is common for weight loss surgery patients to have surgery with a general surgeon that is not fellowship-trained in an operating room that is not equipped with specialized bariatric equipment and instruments in a hospital that is not used to treating weight loss surgery patients with nurses who are not familiar with bariatrics. Since bariatrics are a small part of a general surgeon's practice, having a dietitian and the resources to provide a quality follow-up aftercare program. When you are having 90% of your stomach removed, you only get one chance and should go with a qualified surgeon and program that you feel comfortable with.

Can I have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy if I live outside the United States?

LapSF has many international patients and is very familiar with coordinating the all things weight loss surgery related. We ask you to stay a little longer in the Bay Area before travelling home, but many use that time to explore the sights in Northern California. Our international self pay patients can rest assured that we can easily navigate your weight loss surgery.

How does follow up work?

Almost all postoperative follow up can be done by phone and in conjunction with the local primary care physician, if necessary. As a concierge practice, LapSF is able to have flexible times to conduct telephone follow-ups.

Are self pay patients covered for all postoperative telephone appointments?

Yes. Both insurance and self pay patients have postoperative follow-up included in their packages. There is no need to worry about payment after surgery for phone calls with the surgeon, physician assistant, or dietitian.

Do you take out of state insurance?

Yes, we can accommodate both insurance and self pay patients that do not live in the Bay Area.

How long will I stay in California?

Depending on where you live and your surgery, anywhere from 2-5 days after surgery. International patients are asked to stay a little longer.

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