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What can I eat after surgery?

We place all of our patients on a liquid protein diet for two weeks after surgery. This helps to prevent complications by allowing your stomach to heal before it is stressed with more solid food items. After two-three weeks patients progress to a softer diet and eventually regular food items. The diet is high protein (70 grams/day), low fat (30 grams/day) and low Carbohydrates (40 grams/day). The total calories/day starts at about 400-500 and by the end of the first year most patients are consuming about 1000-1200 calories per day of regular foods. Intolerance of some food items will exist for most patients. You will eventually learn how many calories/day you can consume to maintain your goal weight. This varies between men and women, amount of exercise and your height. Some of our taller, male patients consume up to 2000 calories per day and still maintain their weight.

The 30 page Diet Guide we provide you with prior to surgery will help guide you through the postoperative phases of eating.

Your Post Weight-Loss Surgery Recipe Board

Our online Recipe Board provides creative low-calorie meal ideas to fit the post weight-loss surgerydiet. The recipes included here conform to the guidelines of the Roux en Y, Gastric Bypass, Gastroplasty, and Morbid Obesity diets. Taking suggestions from our Recipe Board is a great way to stick to your After Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet.

If you have discovered a tasty low-cal recipe, please send it to us.

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