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Self Pay Adjustable Gastric Band

How much is your quality of life worth?

The average cost for the first 2 years of a childís life is $24,000. No parent would think twice about providing the necessary elements to ensure a healthy infancy. Why would you put off weight loss surgery to ensure a healthy life for yourself at about half the price?

How much does weight loss surgery cost? What are the benefits of paying out of pocket?

Self pay patients make up a large part of our practice for many reasons: unreasonable insurance requirements for weight loss surgery, treating obesity before diabetes and hypertension inevitably strike, lack of insurance coverage or long waiting times for surgery. Dr. Cirangle heads a progressive weight loss surgery practice that welcomes self pay patient. LapSF prides itself on cutting through the red tape and getting you to your goal. Self pay patients are able to eliminate the typical 6 month diet that is so often required by insurance companies. It simply does not make sense to wait months and months. This can be especially frustrating for women struggling with fertility issues due to their weight. The sooner women can lose the weight, the sooner they can try conceiving with greater success and a healthier pregnancy. Most of our adjustable gastric band (Realize and Lapband) self pay patients agree that weight loss surgery was the best decision they ever made.

How does the process work for self pay patients?

The first step to have an adjustable gastric band is to make a consultation appointment to sit down with the surgeon where the procedure, risks and benefits, health history, and everything in between will be discussed. Since self pay patients have the luxury to avoid insurance headaches, most patients choose to move forward right away and have surgery 3-4 weeks after the initial appointment. An individualized, detailed checklist of preoperative requirements is given at the time of the consultation so patients can start preparing immediately after their appointment. Every patient asks "How much does bariatric surgery cost?" LapSF makes it easy to estimate costs by providing all-inclusive packages, and patients are given a straightforward summary of all charges involved. Even though this is an outpatient procedure, you have the option to spend the night at no additional charge. After choosing the adjustable gastric band, the practice is able to give you a target surgery date and help you complete your preoperative requirements. LapSF is a concierge practice and routinely helps patients set up their pre-operative tests, which also prevents long waiting times. Each patient has their own surgical coordinator that ensures everything on the checklist is completed and the process from the consult to surgery day goes smoothly.

Donít forget about the tax break

Obviously, self pay patients arenít in it for the tax break. But it sure is nice. In April of 2002, the IRS designated obesity as a disease. With that classification came some tax deductions. Tax payers can write off weight loss expenses, as long as theyíre for health improvement. This can include post-operative gym memberships and supplements. Check with your accountant for more details on your personal tax situation.

Frequently asked questions

How much does bariatric surgery cost? Do you accept credit cards? Is financing available? How much does weight loss surgery cost if I do not have any medical insurance? Call LapSF today and speak with a new patient coordinator that will answer all of your questions.

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