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StomaphyX™: A New Approach for Revisional Surgery

What is StomaphyX?

StomaphyX is a revolutionary procedure now available for individuals who have had either gastric bypass surgery, Vertical Gastrectomy or the Duodenal Switch and who are regaining weight. This Natural Orifice Surgery procedure involves no incisions and with minimal patient downtime.

The Benefits of StomaphyX
  • Less clinical risk - no need for incisions
  • Preserves future treatment options
  • Less pain and faster recovery than with other procedures

How does it work?

Performed under endoscopic visualization, StomaphyX involves placing an endoscope through the mouth into the stomach pouch. The pouch is sectioned into folds, called plications, which are bound together with suture-like fasteners. The StomaphyX procedure shrinks the stomach pouch and the stoma, or anastomosis, (connection between the stomach and intestine), similar to the original weight loss surgery. This results in slower stomach emptying, earlier satiety, and more weight loss.

Is Stomaphyx safe?

Stomaphyx has been tested successfully in hundreds of procedures worldwide with nominal side effects. Due to the complexity and high risk of traditional revisional surgery, Stomaphyx is an attractive alternative. With StomaphyX, there are no incisions either on the skin or in the abdomen. The procedure only takes about a half hour, drastically reducing the anesthesia time usually associated with revisional surgery.

After the Procedure

StomaphyX is an outpatient procedure, requiring no hospital stay. Most patients may return to work and their usual activities the next day. You will be given special dietary instructions to follow while your plications heal.

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Dr. Cirangle

Dr. Cirangle is the first
and only doctor in
San Francisco and Hawaii
to perform the StomaphyX Revisional Surgery
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